INK2012: Designing the Future--Now

October 11 - October 14, 2012 in Pune, India

INK2012 Livestream

In an effort to reach the greater INK community, 4 of the 9 sessions from INK2012 will be made available to the public as they happen live at the conference. The following sessions will be livestreamed on the homepage.

The official conference hashtag is #INK2012. 

Friday: 12th October

9 - 10.45am IST
SESSION 1: Blank canvas | @INKtalks #INK2012

Webcast will start at 9am IST


Vasundhara Das. Social musician. Partner, DRUMJAM.

Tania Luna. Entrepreneur. Educator. | @lunartania #INK2012

Harish Hande. Co-founder, SELCO India. | @harishhande #INK2012

Kalki Koechlin. Bollywood actress. | @kalkikanmani #INK2012

Vinay Venkatraman. Designer. Innovator.

Alok Shetty. Architect. | @aalokshetty #INK2012

Oikyotaan. Contemporary folk platform.

11.30 - 1.15pm IST
SESSION 2: Primer | @INKtalks #INK2012

Webcast will start at 11:45am IST


Neeru Khosla. Co-founder & Director, CK-12 Foundation. | @nkhosla #INK2012

Alan Wagstaff. Learning manager, Green School. | @alanwagstaffraw #INK2012

Shayamal Vallabhjee. EQ consultant. Sports scientist. | @shayamalv #INK2012

Nancy Silberkleit. Co-CEO, Archie Comics Publications. | @nancsilberkleit #INK2012

Dale Stephens. Uncollege-er. |@dalejstephens #INK2012

V.V.S. Laxman. Indian cricketer.

Shantanu Moitra. Music director. Composer. | @shantanumoitra #INK2012 


Saturday: 13th October

11.30 - 1.15pm IST
SESSION 5: Finished Touches | @INKtalks #INK2012

Webcast will start at 11:30am IST


d'bi Young Anitafrika. Dubpoet. Monodramatist. Educator.

Eames Demetrios. Creator, Kymaerica and Kcymaerxthaere.

Hind Hobeika. Self-tracking engineer.

Tanmoy Ghosh. Wildlife conservationist.

Joi Barua. Musician. + Shruti Haasan. Actress. Singer.

Stefan Sagmeister. Designer.


Sunday: 14th October

11:30 - 1.15pm
SESSION 9: Redefining geography | @INKtalks #INK2012

Webcast will start at 11:30am IST


Vicky Roy. Photographer. | @vickysbt #INK2012

Vikram Gandhi. Filmmaker.

Will Travis. Creative entrepreneur.

Saba Ghole. Architect. Urban designer.

Gurcharan Das. Author. Commentator. Public intellectual.

Vasundhara Das. Social musician. Partner, DRUMJAM.