INK2012: Designing the Future--Now

October 11 - October 14, 2012 in Pune, India


INK2012 journeys to Pune, the cultural capital of Maharastra and second largest city in the Indian state of Maharastra, after Mumbai. Today, Pune is known for its educational facilities, with a large student populaton, and relative prosperity. It is emerging as a prominent location for IT and manufacturing companies to expand, and has a large automotive sector. The city is known for its various cultural activities like classical music, spirituality, theater, sports, and literature, all emphases of Marathi culture. These activities and job opportunities attract migrants and students from all over India and the world, which makes for a city of many communities and culture.  

Marathi is the offical and most widely spoken language, while Hindi and English are understood and also spoken widely. Pune has a great Marathi influence as it was the bastion of the Maratha Empire. The city is also brimming with references to its past, particularly to that most venerated Maratha freedom fighter Chhatrapati Shivaji, who fought here against the Mughals who sought to conquer Maharashtra. Statues to Shivaji and other freedom fighters can be seen across the city.



The conference will take place in the beautiful Pune Marriott hotel and convention centre. Attendees will stay conveniently in the same venue and attend sessions in the large convention centre. Local attendees will fly into the Pune airport (PNQ) and then arrange for a hotel shuttle to pick them up. International attendees can fly into the Bombay airport (BOM) and then take a domestic flight to the Pune airport (PNQ); alternatively they can fly into Bombay and arrange for a hotel shuttle to pick them up and drive to the Pune Marriott--the drive is approximately two to three hours. More transport details can be provided when you book your transport with the hotel.