The INK Conference is our annual celebration of thinkers and doers from diverse walks of life. 

World’s visionaries – CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, scientists & more – gather under one roof for a cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

The annual INK Conference is where a part of this community gathers together for 3 days to celebrate successful milestones of the community’s journey. Here, change-makers from every walk of life also share their stories, ideas and perspectives in between 3-18 minutes – an ‘intellectual Mardi Gras’ if you please.

Immersive experience where thrilling ideas are brewing.  This is where life changing connections and intense conversations occur – a scientist meets an artist; an archaeologist dines with a mountain climbers and from discovering the depths of the ocean to exploring outer space to understanding our inner selves, INK takes you on a fascinating journey that expands your horizons.


The theme for INK2014 is 'Beyond Boundaries.' Join us for INK2014, October 31 - November 2, 2014 in Mumbai.