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INK2014 Live Webcast

In an effort to reach the greater INK community, 5 of the 10 sessions from INK2014 will be made available to the public as they happen live at the conference. The following sessions will be livestreamed on the homepage.

The official conference hashtag is #INK2014. 

Friday: October 31st, 2014

9 - 10.45am IST
SESSION 1: The Big Bang

Webcast will start at 9am IST



11.30 - 1.15pm IST
SESSION 2: Reaching For The Stars

Webcast will start at 11:45am IST




Saturday: November 1st, 2014

11.30 - 1.15pm IST
SESSION 6: Future Billions

Webcast will start at 11:30am IST




Sunday: November 2nd, 2014

11:30 - 1.15pm IST
SESSION 10: To Infinity & Beyond

Webcast will start at 11:30am IST