In the twenty-first century, the focus has really shifted to the East with young economies of Asia making their mark globally with technological and economic innovation. India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and the rest of Asia – all of us are poised to grow like never before.

We are geographically so close, culturally so similar, but do we really know each other in Asia? Our vision is to create a forum for leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, etc., to connect and collaborate with their counterparts.

Recent statistics show that in spite of internet penetration rates of 19% and 47%, India and China alone make up for 747 million users on Social Media platforms. Just imagine the untapped opportunity for global brands if they can understand Asia better.  

INK Asia will bring together leading thinkers from around the world to explore the challenges and opportunities unique to us. The conference will highlight innovative thinking across disciplines that is driving Asia’s growth, and the lessons we can learn from each other. 

What is Asia’s true potential? How can we unlock it? – Join us as we build bridges between our Asian nations and design our future... together. 

The theme for INK Asia 2015 is 'Designing the future.' The conference will take place at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore on August 21, 2015.