INK Live 2014

October 31 - November 2, 2014 in Mumbai

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'Design Differently, Design Anywhere' by Autodesk

Join the Autodesk team to design and gain experience in product design and innovation. This workshop is designed to help students, educators, and design professionals, enthusiastic to identify best cloud based tool, which can bring innovation faster, accelerate the learning process. It combines practical tools and techniques with powerful insights to help designers to get the very best from their products and identify ways to develop their skills. The participants will work on an Autodesk 360 Design project, with expert guidance from Autodesk members. They can access their designs virtually anytime, anywhere from your Mac, PC, or mobile device.

Street Art and Visual Storytelling with Shilo Shiv Suleman

Join Shilo Shiv Suleman, INK Fellow and creator of the Fearless collective, in a workshop exploring Art as a medium for Social Change. The Fearless Collective is over 250 artists from across the world that harness the power of the poster to use art as a medium of social and personal change against sexual violence and gender inequality. Launched as a reaction to the gang rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi in December 2012, Fearless became a virally shared online campaign as well as a guerilla campaign across the streets of India.

As an extension of the project, Shilo has been painting walls across the country as a reclaiming of public space through art by women. Each wall is a collaborative act of defiance and reclaiming of that space through positive and personal affirmations contextual to the space they're painted in. 

Through the workshop we'll be looking at using street art and visual storytelling as a powerful medium of social change with a focus on the gender struggle in India. 

Crowdfunding 101 by Wishberry

If you're an artist, dancer, musician, film maker, designer, comic writer, graphic novelist, animator or even a next-door tech geek who's working on a path breaking tech product, or mobile app, if you have a creative & innovative idea, waiting to be shown to the world, you should know about crowdfunding. 

Join Wishberry at this workshop to understand the what, how and why of crowdfunding. 

The Art of Origami with Rajvardhan Kadam

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to create three-dimensional shapes and structures.  In an effort to preserve his work, origami artist Rajvardhan Kadam began incorporating a wire mesh into his structures to make them more resilient, bringing about a revolution in the art of Modular Origami.

Modular Origami is where you make and replicate small units and combine them to form a large, complex structure. Using the same units, a number of different structures can be made. At INK Live 2014, aside from showing us how to make some of the more traditional models, Rajvardhan plans to create a Modular Origami Structure and teach the essentials of the art through a fun interactive workshop.


'How to create your brand on social media?' by Dell

In todays world, brand building is everything.Personal branding is merely a way of selling yourself, and it’s never been more important, thanks to social media. It has given us a platform to broadcast our personal messaging to accomplish our goals. For professional purposes, we have LinkedIn to connect with others in our industry. For sharing with friends and family, there’s Facebook. Pinterest is where we show off our passions. Instagram is for visual self-expression. For others, Twitter is all of the above. In this workshop conducted by experts from Dell, learn how to build a strong online presence and navigate the world of social media.