INK Live is a unique telecast of the INK Conference live and uncut, accompanied by stimulating workshops, contests, speaker interactions, and engaging discussions.

INK Live 2016 in Goa

This year's INK Conference and INK Live events are taking place in the beautiful city of Goa. The city is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese heritage that merge seamlessly to create a unique cultural experience.  Goa is a former Portuguese province known for its lush beaches, breathtaking Portuguese influenced architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Goa is the smallest state in India by acreage and features a terrain of abundant jungles and rich wild life. Goa also features some of the oldest traces of human life in India, with rock art engravings that depict early life in India. Goa is also known for its specialty Indian-Portuguese fusion food and tantalizing seafood. Come join us in Goa and experience all it has to offer, from lively music and art scenes, places of worship, and breathtaking world heritage architecture. Experience the best of Goa with INK!

The 3-day event will take place at Goa Institute of Management, Goa.