Nancy Duarte: How to lure the audience

There are so many times when average ideas are adopted and run with, and brilliant ideas die solely based on how they are communicated. Nancy Duarte shows how you can communicate your ideas in a compelling way.


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Nancy Duarte

CEO of Duarte Design, author

Since 1988, Nancy Duarte’s firm has created over a quarter of a million presentations. As one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Silicon Valley, her experience working with global companies and thought leaders has influenced the perception of some of the world’s most valuable brands and many of humanity’s common causes. Fascinated by presentations as the most powerful persuasive medium, Duarte determined to crack the code on why some presentations are riveting and others are unbearable. In Fall 2010 she released Resonate—Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences which identifies hidden story structures inherent in great communication.

Untold Story

Nancy does her best thinking about 40 minutes in to a demanding 3-hour hike in the foothills of the Silicon Valley. At the summit, she sits on a bench and gushes over the valley because it has been like the land of milk and honey for her.   

BOOKS: Slide:ology, Resonate

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