Low-tech solutions to big problems

How does one simplify online payments? INK Fellow Arpit Mohan tackled the problem of the widening gap between the increasing internet penetration and slower credit card penetration by a rather low-cost solution -- Gharpay.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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About the Speaker

Arpit Mohan

Co-founder, Gharpay

It’s neither jamming on the flute nor building India’s first humanoid that truly defines Arpit Mohan; it’s the drive to solve hard real-world problems. Today, this recent graduate from BITS-Pilani spends his time as a co-founder at Gharpay, applying technology to transform the way people transact online.

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Sunil Malhotra

Love your intensity. Agree with most of what you have presented. All the best to Gharpay. And here's to more entrepreneurs in India.

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