A healthy disregard for the impossible

What do disruptive entrepreneurs who are solving the world's toughest challenges have in common? WIRED UK editor David Rowan breaks down for us the mindset that sets them apart. Watch to know what people like Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Peter Diamandis do differently to achieve seemingly impossible feats.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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About the Speaker

David Rowan

Editor, WIRED UK magazine

David Rowan is editor-in-chief of WIRED’s UK edition. He’s taken 120 flights in the past year to investigate the companies and entrepreneurs changing our world, recently spending time with the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Xiaomi, Nest, Twitter and countless other disruptive startups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen. His recent keynote talks have included events for banks, governments and Fortune 100 companies, and recent stage interviews have ranged from will.i.am to James Murdoch and David Cameron. David has been a columnist for The Times, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller and The Guardian. At WIRED he has extended the brand into conferences, apps, and a consulting business. He is co-founder of FlowJourneys.com, taking amazing people for weekend adventures in the world’s most extraordinary locations. And he is still searching for the future.

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