Skyfall in a sari

At INK2013, the legendary singer Usha Uthup gives a performance of a lifetime. For the first time ever, Uthup is joined on stage by her daughter and granddaughter for some foot-tapping, soulful music.

Recorded at INK2013, Kochi, Kerala


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Usha Uthup

The Voice

For over 44 years now, Usha Uthup has spread a message of love and unity, peace and harmony, tolerance and integrity, and happiness – through music. From discotheques to concerts, across India and the World, she has addressed the youth about the values of music that makes us human.  She lives as she believes, presenting even the most contemporary songs dressed in traditional attire projecting the fact that India is a true melting pot of cultures, with its own distinctive cultural identity.

Born in 1947, or Didi as she is fondly called, comes from a traditional middle class South Indian family and her career began in 1969 at a Chennai nightclub called Nine Gems and she has recorded more than a hundred albums in sixteen Indian languages, sung un several thousand concerts, performed in all major countries and has been on television since its inception in India. Usha has served as a role model for generations of young Indians and has been an unwavering ambassador for traditional Indian values.

Usha Uthup’s music has charmed generations of Indians, young and old. People smile, tap their feet, clap their hands, and forget their worries when she performs. Usha’s melody speaks a universal language and transcends religion, race, nationality and caste. She has given people in far-flung cultures an unexpected image of an Indian woman: strong, independent, humorous, intelligent and loaded with talent.


All that matter is honesty, integrity, and courage to face your conviction.”

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Vivek Rana

awesome !! what a wonderful lady ! never ceases to amaze you.

can someone fix the awful subtitles that are showing up here.

K Velayudhan Nair

Heard her singing in the Senate Hall, Madras University,early 1970s. Music in full Bass flowing from a high energy girl lightning across the stage covered in Jasmine flowers,Gold and Kanjeevaram!!

Joe Zach

Wow... that was great.... three generations together.
Usha Uthup is one of those singers who "enjoy" singing.

Mathangi Rajasekaran

Lot of inspiration for me. She is not a trained singer and has done things her way.I guess apart from caste creed and colour age also does not have any bar. Kudos to her.

Kavitha Krishnaraj

she is a true diva! i have grown up listening to her music and i have realized they dont make like her anymore! hats off to her and her genre of music which surpasses bounderies,cultures,religions,languages,castes,credes and calls itself only by one name....MUSIC! thank you ma'm!

T Rupesh Reddy

Ayesha you sung really awesome .... loved it alot ... it would be really cool if you provide link of your channel in youtube so that everyone can feel the essence of your tone

Michelle Henriques

As always Usha never fails to amaze us with her potential to be successful with any music she attempts. Long Live Usha, India's Diamond in the rough.

Narayanan SN

Something fantastic, terrific, as Usha always is.
A born singer with no training at all under any "Guru" according to her. Is this called divine gift? Let God bless her and her family and let her admirers enjoy the nectar that springs from her melodious throat - S.N.Narayanan

Narayan Parasuram

Imagine you get into an aircraft and the pilot tells you that he has had no training in flying a plane. Would you still go "awesome","fantastic" "mindblowing" "god bless" or would you get off the plane? Would you hire a carpenter who says that he is not trained in the craft of carpentry but will make the table with "all his heart and passion"? Why is it that when it comes to music and the arts, artistes who have made a living out of it proudly proclaim that they are not trained? Artists who do this inspite of being a beneficiary of the form, to me are most ungrateful. And an audience that adulates such an artiste, the most ignorant.

Michael Victor Fitzpatrick

Dear Usha, I enjoyed the performance very much,originally I am from India,Nagpur to be precise, I recall playing back up guitar for your sister, when she visited Nagpur in the late 60,s she sang KILLING ME SOFTLY,we also had a Hawaiian guitarist named Van Shipley also playing back up,it was an enjoyable experience. I settled in Australia in 1974 in Sydney,and played for a few years in bands, but the good times dont last forever, I am a retired person now, but kept up my guitar playing skills, now I play mostly smooth jazz and I love the music, perhaps you may remember Philip Peters, better known as EL RAY DEL BONGO, for obvious reasons,I knew him very well, your video was sent to me by his sister Phyllis Parande from Nagpur, she is a good friend of mine, in closing please do email me, my address is I shall be delighted to hear from you, Best Wishes from Michael Fitzpatrick

Yasmine Khusro Jalnawala

I have seen Usha perform live at Bombay in 1969 and on. She is a total entertainer. This year she performed for the Rotary South Asia Summit Hyderabad, was fortunate to be there and enjoyed every moment of the performance - all I can say you are awesome and brilliant. Love you and wonderful performance of the three generations. God Bless you.

Torcato Dsouza

Remember the good old days in Bombay when you used to sing at Talk of the Town with Tony Noronah at the piano. He is in Goa going strong .

It's good , like diamond in the sky ,
awesome , good , what shell I say .

Vera Corera

Hi Usha, we've come a long way from the days of our childhood days in Byculla,Bombay. I can never forget you in your school uniform coming with Denise Alvares to our home where my brother, Sylvian Peris would play the piano and you singing "Sway" and other songs on and on. After seeing this presentation I am enlightened to know that you do a fine job impersonating people too. Keep on rocking Usha!!!!

kirit pankhania


I was not aware till today of your immense talent. It is truly a delight to have learn of your beautiful journey and your passion.

Life will set challenges and The truth is we always more capable then we perhaps thought we were. I believe that everyone has a gift and each one of us is blessed; find that vision, that song and sing it...
After all the truth is always simple, pure and powerful. And your energy and self belief are a great inspiration.
Keep sparkling, Kirit Pankhania

Bernard John

Gifted no doubt, but what she does best is Jazz Blues, and Rock'n'Roll. Her daughter doesnt do much in this video, but she is a natural. have heard her sing once, and I was impressed.

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