Varun Agarwal: From failing in engineering to co-founding a million-dollar company

Posted on 27/11/13

In a world where everyone around us want us to "think" and follow the conventional route to success, INK Fellow Varun Agarwal shares a very different mantra of success -- "Don't think." Watch as Varun shares his fascinating story of starting India's largest college merchandise company and becoming a bestselling author, while braving a certain 'Anu Aunty'.

About the Speaker

Varun Agarwal

Media/Merchandise Maverick

Varun Agarwal is a 25 years old filmmaker, entrepreneur and a bestselling author. He is the co-founder of Alma Mater, India's biggest college apparel/memorabilia company, author of bestseller 'How I braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded A Million Dollar Company', and also the co-founder of Reticular, a social media marketing firm. The pursuit of his interests brought about collaborations with A.R. Rahman, Preity Zinta, and many others. 


BOOK: How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company, Rupa Publications


All that matters is braving Anu Aunty.”

Ram Porwal

..hey is an awesome video..
n i also share it on ma Facebook..hmm
i like 1 think that was DON'T THINK..
just do it whatever u want in your life..

CA Pulkit Mehra

Amazing Talk.... In just 10 mins u throwed away ur whole life & i got touched & moved.... Awesome Buddy.... Long way to Gooooo....!!!!

M a 23 year old guy, could perfectly connect with wat all u said abt d society etc. Great decisons u have taken in life.

My Gud wishes r always with u.
Keep Rocking

Poorvi Arora -2

Varun Agarwal, no wonder I get to know about you today, when I've been wearing one such hoodie that comes from your firm since the last day at school. Not literally though!
No person, living or dead has ever inspired me more than you just did in a 10 minute short film.
The concept of thinking is so hyped up in our nation that the 'Don't Think' motion invites as many Anu Aunties as you can't imagine!
In a life that's so tied up with work, ENGINEERING of course, a hundred thousand commitments; what gives you a break from reality is doing what you love, and if that becomes your profession, you do wonders!!!
No doubts at that, till YOU stand in front of us!
Cheers to you, Cheers to you braving Anu Aunty,
and not the least of course,
Cheers to all the bars in the world, cause as far as I have known, amazing ideas strike your head either at bear bars, or Ahem Ahem!

rajender kumar +2

cool....... even i always think , m gonna be a engineer or not ......... although m interested and mind is in microcontrollers but i suck at study on other side i have brilliant ideas about making devices ...... eventually i have to finish F**King btech then m gonna do something about it and definitely i will come and post here my achievements ....till then dont think , make others think about you !!!


Dude, it's so inspiring !! I can truly relate to it. I quit Engineering in the very first month after Joining, just bcs i could feel strongly in my heart that this is not i really want to do and today i am doing what i am really passionate about !!

Atul Kumthekar

This video starts me thinking - i guess i didn't have an Anu Aunty ! he fails short of explaining who this Anu auntie was, and what a luck, first job fresher year and he is sent to some big musician - that sounds very suspecious :)

Anjali Sethi

you are just amazing varun ....this video will surely going to make lot of difference in thinking of most of the puppets of the the world ...for those who don't know how to live your dream....(Y)

Devang Thakkar

damn good , you rocked it Varun :) All I could say is dis we need thousands like you to come across society and make everyones mind clear failure is the key to success not to demotivate ourself :) truly inspirational :)

Subhradip Karmakar

It's sheer luck factor that worked for him. There is no element of genius , innovation or creativity that I could get from this talk. There are millions of way talented people who could never ever make to the director's office.

siddhi shinge

Yesterday i myself decided to use the mantra "DON'T THINK" a few hrs before watchng your video & shared it with my mom and also tried to convience her with some examples,but.....she adviced me to THINK..!!... I was confused but thanks to you...

Sunil Singh

Ghanta Saala iske baap k paas itne paise na hote usko support karne k liye to ye million dollas company kya ye kuch ukhad bhi nahi pata are ye sab bakwas are jeb me paise ho to ideas khud aate hai

Saurabh Kapate

My friend shared this link of your video of yours...usually i skip watching such videos as i do not have unlimited data plan...Still I watched the whole video. I was once started blogging and also tried to become an entrepreneur like you but same story the word "THINK" ruined all my dreams and plans then...Today, I think you have given some inspiration to me not to give up that idea of mine...thanks for that...I'll Do It again!!! :-D \m/

Priyakhi Borah

I AM such a confused personality,and before doing anything all i do is THINK and THINK!!Now i know why i landed in this trouble and thats because i think too much of all the pros and cons. I know i should follow my heart still all i do is think about my decision all the time AND END UP NOT DOING WHAT I ACTUALLY WANT. Cause i dont have the courage to follow my dreams. But today I can connect to what u said!! From this moment onwards i will follow my heart cause i dnt to want to regret anymore in the future! Cause its ONE LIFE WE GOT :) I DONT KNOW ABOUT OTHERS BUT IT WAS REALLY LIFE CHANGING FOR ME! THANK YOU

Vinay Oswal

Excellent book, Varun! I'm roughly of the same age bracket as yours! And it inspired me a LOT! Thanks for breathing a fresh air in me, through this book! And hope you continue to write!

Gurumurthy Shastry

I have always firmly believed that the best results come in when we honestly follow our hearts and do what gives us the utmost happiness.. only thinking and not going by what we really want to do is one sure way to screw it all up.. ultimately there is no point reaching the top when the heart is craving for something else.. Thank you for this very inspirational talk.. :D

Varma's Ramesh

hi , varun u inspired me a lot thank u very much.... i will definitely meet u after my sucess . even i am writing a book "how varun braved me and made to start co-founded million dollar company" i always rememeber ur eng teacher words everything will be tuff until u actually go and do it....

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