Pushpa Basnet: No child should grow up behind prison walls

Posted on 5/12/13

INK Fellow Pushpa Basnet opened up her home and heart for children who would otherwise be forced to grow up in prison with their incarcerated parents. She is on a mission to provide these children with a loving home and the freedom to enjoy a childhood they deserve.

About the Speaker

Pushpa Basnet

Social Worker

A CNN Hero of the Year 2012, Pushpa set up a home in Nepal for children who once lived in prisons with their incarcerated parents. For seven years, she has been running a centre to provide them with education, food, medical care and a happy childhood outside of prison walls. The children call her “Mamu” because of her loving and motherly care. With about 80 children still living inside prison walls, she is determined to bring them out and live out her promise as “Mamu” to these children in need.

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