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The INK Fellows Program is a young, global and cross-disciplinary community of path-breakers who we believe will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, INK identifies the minds that are redefining their field of work, and the world around them. The Program aims to provide them the  support necessary to leverage their impact.  The INK Fellows Program is an initiative of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation, the non-profit arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited. Tata Trusts is a key partner of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation in supporting the INK Fellows Program. 

Our Goals:

  • To create a community of like-minded peers on unconventional ‘career’ paths, from any field. The experience of being a change-maker is often isolating, as it can lack the financial security, clarity of direction and social network that come with traditional jobs. Being an INK Fellow provides the peer-support necessary to take brilliant work to the next level.
  • To leverage their impact, through mentorship, support, networks and specially designed opportunities.
  • To provide them a platform for discovery and exposure like no other, so that our change-makers gain access to potential customers, funding opportunities, accolades and other forms of support critical to their development and success.

 The INK Fellows Program is an initiative of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation, the non-profit arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited. 

Benefits to Fellows

Responsibilities of the Fellows

What makes an INK Fellow?


INK Fellows Program Co-Chairs

INK Fellows Program Co-Chairs provide the vision and direction of the program.

Lalitesh Katragadda

Lalitesh Katragadda

Former Country Head, India Products at Google

Lalitesh is the former country head of India products at Google and where he led Emerging Markets engineering with the mission to bring the next three billion users online. His most recent creation, Google Map Maker, doubled the worlds digital maps corpus, mapping 1.5 billion people in 187 countries. The UN and aid agencies have used these user generated maps to assist and rescue millions. Lalitesh has spoken at TED and the White House on crowdsourcing for development.
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Raghava KK

Raghava KK


Raghava KK is a renowned Indian artist and a tech entrepreneur, named by CNN as one of 10 most remarkable people in 2010. 
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"The Fellows Program is about making lasting contributions to the trajectories of young trailblazers, and helping them take their visions to the next level — to me the real value of the Program truly extends beyond the conference. Secretly, I like to think of it as the coolest couch-surfing community in the world. It has been wonderful to watch them grow into a family, invested not only in their own individual visions, but in the visions of their peers. "

Raghava KK, INK Fellows Program Co-Chair