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INK Makers Program is an initiative to celebrate invention and innovation in every possible aspect of daily life.

INK Makers are innovative young gamechangers, who are exploring new innovations and technologies across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, craft. With the INK Makers Program we will introduce the maker culture to undergraduate students and mentor them to turn their ideas into tangible products and concepts. 

The program will feature innovations and experiments from tech-enthusiasts, engineers, artists, and student entrepreneurs and celebrate what makers do – what they make and how they make. To do this we will identify makers in daily life - innovative thinkers who have created something out of the ordinary that serves a specific purpose.

The idea here is to engage the students with a hands-on approach to create prototypes, modules, products and services to turn some of their innovative ideas and approaches in to reality. This is to create a cultural shift in the minds of the students and the educators and inculcate a culture of self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurship to foster innovation and disruptive thinking among students. 

We are inspired by the current wave of the "Make in India" movement, and aim to identify and nurture these "makers" across India.