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Q.1 What are INK Make-a-thons?

A mak-e-athon is typically a 24-hour event that aims to bring the most passionate students, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry experts together, for a weekend filled with creativity and innovation.

Q.2 What sort of projects can I take up?

Projects should be innovative and most importantly have a selling value. The projects can be technical or non-technical too. Don't be disheartened if you think your idea isn't worth selling. Remember everything has a price, you just may not have found the right consumer base.

Q.3 Who can take part?

Any student of the university where the event is being held is eligible to apply to participate. Any student irrespective of branch and educational program can partake provided they belong to the specific university where the event will take place.

Q.4 How do I take part?

Firstly, interested students should register through the link provided on our ‘Apply’ page, ensuring to include their respective team names. There will be a screening process on all the applications received and based on this we will decide the final list of participants.The final participants will be charged a minimal participation and registration fee during final registration.

Q.5 How will my application be screened?

Your application will be screened solely on the basis of the information provided by you in the registration form. It's advisable to keep the writing style as technical as possible as this will help us get an insight into your skills and dedication.

Q.6 How should I structure my team?

Your team can include any student from the university you belong to (a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 people). We suggest that team are comprised of individuals who are experienced or interested in the fields or domains that your project idea is centered around. 

Q.7 Will teams get any hardware support from the Make-a-thon team?

Yes, please connect with the organizing team to get more information on this. 

Q.8 What will the event be like?

The event will take place over 24-hours starting on the afternoon of one day and extending into the following day. Students are allowed to work on their projects only during this 24 hour slot. There will be mentors to help overcome any hurdles, clear doubts and help with the project.

Q.9 Who are mentors?

Mentors are experts in the field of innovation.The mentors are all interested in supporting budding innovators and will be available through the make-a-thon to help all participants who require it. 

Q.10 What if I don't finish my prototype?

We understand that you might not be able to come up with a finished product in 24hours. All we expect is a basic working model of your project. Make the best you can. 

Q.11 What facilities will be provided to us during the event?

We’ll provide you with an air-conditioned  comfortable working space equipeed with a wifi connection. There will be coffee and water supplied throughout the event. All 3 meals and snacks will also be provided.

Q.12 What all do I need to carry with me to the Make-a-thon?

You need to bring along all the hardware required for your project as well as your laptops and chargers. You’ll also need to carry spikes and adapters required. We’ll take care of everything else.

Q.13 How will teams be judged?

Teams will be assessed by a judging panel against certain scope, product development and innovation criteria.

Q.14 Are there prizes to be won?

The top five teams will directly qualify to compete in the national finals of INK Makers alongside 20 other teams from all across the country. You may be eliglbe to receive prizes as well.