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INK Makers 2017

INK Makers 2017 brings together promising student-innovators from Top Universities to showcase their projects and share their experiential learning to the

world. This program will involve students and faculty from various universities across India with a view to make this the largest “Makers” event in India.


a) Create a youth community of like-minded students

b) Community–based learning to inspire more students to become Makers

c) Give Makers a public platform to connect with industry experts

d) Provide opportunities for hands on experience.


  • A series of 2-day maker festivals will be launched in various universities and across various departments. This festival will bring the best creative minds, inventors, thought leaders and college students together for 24 hours, where ideas will move from creation to execution.
  • The make-a-thon will happen over the weekend, with a specific theme. Themes will touch upon (but not limited to) topics like art, technology, sport, innovation, transportation, waste management, etc.

  • Problem statements specific to the theme will be provided, and students too can bring in their own problem statements and work towards a solution.

  • 5 such make-a-thons spread across 3 months.

  • At the grand finale, winners of each of the mini-makers fests will showcase what they have made. The INK Makers program will take the best ideas forward, i.e. help take the idea to market.