Anupam Mukerji

The Fake IPL Player

Anupam is best known as the man behind India's biggest viral sensation - The Fake IPL Player. He has gone on to start Pitch Invasion as an alternate, interactive online live cricket commentary platform. An entrepreneur for 9 years in areas ranging from sports documentaries, marketing consulting, marketing communications, online social media marketing, and sports media, Anupam is also the author of a best-selling novel, and a general prankster. 

Anupam recently launched, which is fast becoming the most popular product for live cricket updates on-the-go.

BOOKS: The Gamechangers

WEBSITE: Pitch InvasionThe Fake IPL Player ,

TWITTER: @_fakeiplplayer

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How I became the 'Fake IPL Player'
How I became the 'Fake IPL Player'

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