Peng T. Ong

Venture Capitalist

Peng T. Ong is a Managing Director at Monk's Hill Ventures, a technology venture fund. He sits on the boards of YY Inc. and Singapore University of Design & Technology; and, also on the advisory board of the Chancellor of the University of Illinois. Until recently, Peng was also on the boards of SingTel and Singapore's National Research Foundation; and, chaired Infocomm Investments. Peng founded (bought by IAC), Interwoven (now part of HP), and Encentuate (acquired by IBM).

The businesses he created now generate annual revenues that total more than US$1 billion. He has a master's in Computer Science from UIUC and a BSEE from UT Austin. 

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Musings of a Singapore tech mogul
Musings of a Singapore tech mogul

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