Thank you to all the speakers and attendees for making it an incredible experience! You can find all talk recordings from the conference here - along with the speaker bios - under 'Program'.

INK2019: Within and Beyond

The needle has moved from an industrial to a creative economy, ushering us into a new era of being. In this age of abundance and exponential change, we need to reinvent ourselves in a whole new way. It is time we take a pause from our maddening pace of life to discover the core of our being and realign ourselves to a new future.

It is time to embark on two important journeys, simultaneously – inward, to travel deep within ourselves; and outward, to worlds and possibilities beyond our imagination – and build a future where technology and humanity come together.

Experience INK2019

To explore 'Within and Beyond' INK invites you to be part of a curated 3-day experience in the land where the sands meet the sky - in Jaisalmer!

  • Find connections in exquisite settings

    For the first time, INK goes outside the ballroom, with experiences designed in exquisite settings in the boutique hotel, Suryagarh, as well as in unexplored spaces scattered across the golden desert – in a 200-yr old step-well, in an oasis, in the oldest living fort in the world, and under the starlit sky.

  • Go beyond being a listener

    Participate in interactive, impact-driven sessions and workshops, and become an agent of change!

  • Build a tribe and embark on a timeless journey

    Join fellow thinkers from across the globe in a gathering of audacious dreamers and equals, to engage, connect, and collaborate.

  • Be future-ready

    Engage in and spark conversations that will change and shape our future.

We invite you to imagine the unimaginable in the Thar Desert, for it is in the nothingness around us that we find more of ourselves.