Providing early health intervention in resource-poor settings INK Fellow Nitin Sisodia speaks about health issues in resource-poor settings due to lack of proper information and resources, particularly in new borns, and stresses on how early technological intervention can help many lead a better life.

Recorded at INK2018, HYDERABAD


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About the Speaker

Nitin Sisodia

Founder & CEO, Sohum Innovation lab

National Awardee Nitin Sisodia is the Founder and CEO of Sohum Innovation Lab, a social enterprise working at developing solutions to improve health and income of people living in resource-poor settings. A 2010 Stanford India Biodesign fellow, Nitin was named one of the top 20 Indian innovators by MIT Tech review in 2013. He received NASSCOM ICT led Healthcare Innovation Award in 2016, Indian Merchant Chamber Inclusive Innovation Award in 2015 and the Sankalp India Award in 2016. He has received several grants including the Grand challenges Canada Star in Global Health, Center for Innovation in Global Health award, BIRAC Biotechnology Ignition Grant & Siemens grant for his research in developing an innovative hearing screening device for newborns. Nitin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT Bhopal, and Industrial Design from NID Ahmedabad, India.

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