Anurag Hoon: Learning through music

Delhi-based musician and INK Fellow Anurag Hoon is the co-founder and CEO of Manzil Mystics, a non-profit choir band that performs songs inspired by the poetry of Kabir. A Masters in Social Work and a Marketing & Sales degree from the US, original compositions. Thus far, Manzil Mystics has performed in over 25 schools, 20 colleges, and 200 organisations. Anurag has been singing verses of Kabir and Gandhi in folk-fusion for a decade, making original compositions with Manzil Mystics and setting up musical events in low-income schools to establish that music creates a happy and safe space for everyone. He has more than 8 years of experience in Development and Education as a social worker, wherein he led the Delhi-based organisation, Manzil Welfare Society, as its CEO for a year.


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Anurag Hoon

Musician and Educator

Anurag is a Delhi based musician and social worker singing verses of Kabir and Gandhi in folk fusion form for last 10 years. Anurag is one of the co-founders of a Delhi based choir band and non-profit Manzil Mystics. Manzil Mystics as a band write and compose songs based ideas of Kabir poetry and as a non-profit they setup music classrooms in government and low-income schools to create demand of music in education setting. Manzil Mystics believes that music creates a happy and safe space for everyone specially children in learning setting. Music is not just a piece of entertainment.

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