What are our laws in the time of a pandemic? : K V Dhananjay

K V Dhananjay is an advocate in practice at the Supreme Court and the Karnataka High Court. He has presented and argued a number of cases involving public health throughout his two decades of legal practice. He was instrumental in arguing for the 85% pictorial warning on tobacco packs in the Courts; recent studies have shown that a vast majority of tobacco consumers have taken serious note of the pictorial warning and a recent survey (2016-17) by the Government of India did show that nearly 81 lakh tobacco consumers had quit it when compared with the previous survey (2009-10); most of those who quit are believed to have been sensitised to the danger of tobacco through such pictorial warnings. He has further fought for the prohibition of chewing tobacco in the State of Karnataka. He writes extensively in the print media - both English and Kannada. He often appears on television on matters of law and public interest. He has been actively campaigning for greater government measures to curb Covid-19.


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