Saving babies with science and kindness

Neonatologist Nitin Ron saves babies on a regular basis and finds that science, compassion and love all play equally important roles in saving a life.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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About the Speaker

Nitin Ron

Neonatologist, mountaineer

I am a neonatologist (baby doctor!) and love high altitude trekking and mountaineering. I am an associate professor of pediatrics at New York Methodist Hospital, and love to use innovative methods to teach medical students. I am constantly humbled and amazed by what love and compassion can do to heal little premature and sick babies! I have also been leading a research project in the Himalayas, including the Mt. Everest region, involving ultrasound of the eye(optic nerve) and the body, to predict mountain sickness, and have also looked at the effect of meditation in acclimatizing the body to high altitude. I constantly encourage my students to break the rules, rearrange the paradigms with which they run their lives, and therefore to re-invent themselves every moment! I also volunteer as an art guide at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in New York City, and this is a reminder to me that medicine is so much of an art as well as a science!

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hk dass

when i was a child,my mom use to say doctors are like gods.But i never had an idea why she said that to me in that age.i took 24 years to feel those words power to hit ma heart and mind.

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