Rives: Paper engineering gone wild

Reputed for his standing ovations at the TED conferences, Rives is easily a wizard with words. He is funny, and he is clever. In this beautifully crafted verbal thrill, he shows us how precious paper can truly be. For Rives it is the combination of math and magic that gets him charged about the craft and the art of paper engineering. No plug in, just play. The result: a sheer origami delight that's a pleasure to watch.


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Poet, multi-media artist

Rives is a poet and multi-media artist from Los Angeles, who applies new technologies to ancient art forms. He has appeared on Romanian billboards, in Scottish pubs and inside a 1964 Cadillac with a supermodel for the Bravo TV special Ironic Iconic America. He is the co-host of the annual TEDActive conference and his hobby is rooftops. Offstage, Rives designs and writes pop-up books. He has appeared on multiple seasons of HBOs Def Poetry Jam and was a member of the Def Poetry international tour group.

Untold Story

I was kicked out of college for attending too long. I should have been kicked out for forging my high school transcript, but I never got caught.

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Nitesh Jangir

Co-Founder, Coeo Labs

Nitesh K. Jangir is a co-founder of Coeo Labs, a medical device company solving unmet clinical needs in the field of emergency and critical care. VAPCare is one of the products which he has developed at Coeo. VAPCare is a patented device to reduce chances of contracting ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), a fatal lung infection which kills more than 250,000 patients in India alone. His work has won many awards including MassChallenge Boston, Millennium Alliance, 3M Young Innovators Award, ASME I-Show, American College of Cardiology, 1776, Tata Social Enterprise Challenge etc. 

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Ramana Rao

One of my favorites across years of TED. Here it appears, that Rives moves paper with his voice and words with his hands.

Hugo Pendragons

That's awesome! I really would like to learn how to make the pivot mechanism for the bug's life characters! Please, Rives, could you send me the diagram to my e-mail? That's would be lovely! Here is my e-mail: hugopendragons@gmail.com Thanks for your attention and kind return to my e-mail.

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