Music of the seals

In this awe-inspiring talk, diver-musician-filmmaker Henry Kaiser takes us into the fantastical world underneath the ice in Antarctica. Watch as Kaiser follows two seals on a scientific dive, and plays for us the most unique music inspired by the rhythms of the ocean.

Video shot under NMFS 15748 & ACA 12-003 PERMITS

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Henry Kaiser

Guitarist, Diver, Filmmaker

If you thought there’s no more original music out there, think again. Guitarist Henry Kaiser is a prolific member of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, as well as being a globally recognized leader of the "second generation" free improvisers. Kaiser has integrated the subtle string textures of the American blues stylists with traditional music of India, Korea, and Vietnam. Kaiser's non-stop creativity unearthed many unconventional electric guitar techniques during these years, and he combined these innovations with a strong sense of logic development. Henry also happens to be a diver-photographer and a filmmaker, with over 3500+ dives, 4 feature film collaborations, and 250+ record albums, there’s no telling what this creative genius will do next. 

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