INK Salon 2015

July 7, 2017 in Delhi

“Trailblazers 2017”, a special retreat for the INK Fellows, was held from March 10-12 at Clarks Exotica Resort in Bangalore . 35 INK Fellows, each with their own unique stories and lofty aspirations, gathered under one roof to exchange ideas, hold discussions with mentors, build collaborations, learn from workshops and work towards the next step in their journeys!

Day 1 began with a light lunch, welcome by Lakshmi Pratury (Founder and CEO INK), introductions by our Fellows Co-chairs Anu Sethuram and Lalitesh Katragadda. This was followed by brief updates from all the Fellows in attendance and then dedicated mentoring sessions, before dinner. 

Day 2 opened with a special INK Fellows Series Salon that opened (and closed) with music from INK Fellow Joi Barua, a story from Lakshmi, and introduction from Anu and the audience heard talks from 

- Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner of Prime Venture Partners, who spoke on his passion – creating financial services to cure social problems.

- Vidya Laxman, Technology Director at Tesco followed up and took the audience through her 5 mantras to build a successful corporate career.

- Madan Padaki, CEO of RubanBridge, talked about his work with Global Action on Poverty (GAP), an organization which builds and supports communities to eradicate poverty. 

The Salon closed with updates from some of our Fellows on their latest projects/work and upcoming collaborations. The remainder of the day saw people spending time in workshops covering

- “The Business and you”: Tarun Kochhar took participants on a short journey of self discovery, to define and shape their personal brand

- “Designing Experiences”: Bhanu Potta introduced the concept of Experience Mapping framework as a tactical in their pursuit to creating amazing experience around their initiatives.

- “Collaborations“: Filmmaker Ranjan Kamath had participants engage in a series of fun improvisation exercises to help develop clarity over their understanding of disruption and collaboration, and connection between the two.

Day 3 saw a formal closing of the event over a simple regroup session. 

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