INK Campus @ IIT Delhi

March 15, 2014 in Delhi

“Do what you love” is a piece of advice that university students hear over and over again. While the sentiment is nice and positive,one wonders how can students turn this saying into a reality? INK Campus is a program that aims to engage university students around India in insightful dialogues about what their passions are, and how to actually turns their ideas into reality by bringing a diverse group of young entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries to campuses around the country. INK Campus hopes to begin a meaningful conversation around making a living doing what you love where students will have the opportunity to listen to our speakers share inspiring stories of success, frustration, and making a difference. Additionally, speakers will actively engage with students in conversations and workshops designed to give the students the framework and vocabulary to turn build their dreams into successes.

This year, we have partnered with Ebay Inc for this journey of transformation through campuses across the country. 

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