INK Women 2014

March 8, 2014 in Mumbai

This year on International Women's Day we celebrate the incredible and powerful women around us.

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Since we took the first step in our journey 4 years ago, INK has built an impressive global community of changemakers and thinkers. We couldn't have done so without some of the most intelligent, strong, and powerful women who have been a part of our journey. With so many incredible women who deserve to be in the spotlight, it only felt right to give these women their own platform to connect, share, and learn, and that is how INK Women was born.

INK Women celebrates the struggles, triumphs, and passions of women. The program will connect women with cutting edge technology and ideas, presented by speakers from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. From women working with women’s issues such as public health and safety, to women at the top of their field, be it finance, science, medicine, or fashion, will come together under the same roof at INK Women.

We invite anyone who is interested in the power of women to join us in launching INK Women on International Women's Day, Saturday, March 8th, 2014 in Mumbai. Our inaugural event is organized in association with the Indian Merchants Chambers’ Ladies’ Wing, and features incredible and illuminating speakers from around the world.