Megha Ramaswamy

Director of Newborns

Megha is a screenwriter, director, and a film producer based in Mumbai. Her screenplay of ‘Girls’ was selected at the NFDC Binger screenwriter’s lab (Venice, Goa) and had been shortlisted by the Sundance Institute Writer’s Lab 2012. At Recyclewala Labs, the studio collaborating in the production of ‘The Newborns’, she provides creative supervision to the narrative fiction and transmedia projects.  

She also produces under her banner Missfit Films, a Mumbai based company dedicated to producing innovative films, which don't necessarily have the label of being independent or commercial. Of the several scripts in development, 'Girls' is currently in production.

Megha's involvement with Stop Acid Attacks has not just been in her capacity as a filmmaker. She has been closely involved with the organisation and developed an easy going rapport with the girls there. Megha thinks of the film more as a collaboration with the girls, inviting them to be involved in the filmmaking process from the script writing and conception state.

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